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Premium "brew ready" glass V60 pack

80 CHF

Let the doors of filter coffee open to you at last! If you're looking for sweetness in the morning, this pack is for you. Thanks to this V60 glass filter from the Japanese brand Hario, combined with its carafe, no more bitter, heavy and thick coffees. This gentle method allows you to enjoy subtle and delicate aromas.


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The filter is the method that gives one of the purest results in the cup, and by its paper filtration, it can restore the finest and most volatile floral aromas. In terms of profile, you get a clear, tea-like liquid with a light, acidic body, depending on the coffee used, and a beautiful reproduction of all the aromatic complexity.
The kit contains:

  • The dripper in glass: the dripper allows a precise and controlled extraction, bringing out all the aromas of the coffee, for a tasting without bitterness! The Dripper V60's thin filter gives a tasty, full-bodied coffee. The advantages of the Dripper V60 for the preparation of your coffees are based on 3 principles: its conical shape, a unique opening and its spirals facilitating the extraction.

  • The Hario signature carafe: Made of heat-resistant glass, this carafe is shaped like the famous "plump" Hario kettles. It has a volume of 600 ml, equivalent to 2-3 cups.

  • Filters: Box of 100 conical filters made of bleached paper. Their conical shape allows for better extraction of flavours.

  • A small pocket scale to measure the coffee you put in your filter.

  • A Goodlife Keepcup in tempered glass, ideal without a lid for the home, or with it to take your coffee with you!

  • A 250g pack of our Ethiopian Hakuna Matata, ground to the right size for your V60. All you have to do is heat up your water and you're ready to go!

Recommended recipe: 18g of coffee to 250g of water, extracted in 2.5 minutes, in 4 pours (including a first 50g pour for 30 seconds of pre-brewing)