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Specialty coffee roasters from Lausanne

Since 2015, we have been making sure our clients stay caffeinated and happy, roasting the quality you deserve by saying less and doing more.


When we turn on the Probatone in our Savigny roastery in the hills of Lausanne, we are all about saying less and doing more.

We are always looking to perfect our roasting process, as we craft the finest flavours from our single origin beans.

Your precious coffee moment is our reason to roast a perfectly crafted Goodlife coffee experience.


At the Goodlife Academy, we have everything necessary to train your staff into great baristas under one roof.

You will learn what it takes to prepare a great coffee, everything about your coffee beans, origins, roasting, extraction and milk magic.

At the Goodlife, we turned our coffee obsession from roasting green coffee beans into crafting moments you can savor.


We want to meet our community directly in the field: through events in the city, pop ups, our ambassadors, and collaborations.

We want to continue in this mission with our Coffee Friends to help the specialty coffee scene in Switzerland.

Discover what it takes
to craft your perfect
Goodlife coffee experience.