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Since 2015, we have been making sure our clients stay caffeinated and happy, roasting the quality you deserve by saying less and doing more.

Our philosophy

We obsess over each step to bring our green coffee beans to caffeinated perfection, taking the guesswork out of your precious daily coffee moments.

Your seemingly simple cup of coffee follows strict guidelines and roasting methods before becoming Goodlife worthy!

Come discover how we capture those distinct flavour rich qualities in each and every bean that keep you coming back for more Goodlife in your cup.

Your precious coffee moment is our reason to roast a perfectly crafted Goodlife coffee experience.

The roastery

When we turn on the Probatone in our Savigny roastery in the hills of Lausanne, we are all about saying less and doing more. Like installing a special CO2 filtration system, just because we think it’s the good thing to do.

We are always looking to perfect our roasting process, as we craft the finest flavours from our single origin beans.

At the Goodlife, we turned our coffee obsession from roasting green coffee beans into crafting moments you can savor.

The team

We went from a small start up in 2015 to a company of 5 passionate coffee lovers brewing our founder Ian’s vision for better coffee in Switzerland.

As we collaborate together, bringing experiences and skills to the cupping table, we strive to make The Goodlife Roastery a welcoming space to learn better, work harder, and drink more coffee together.

Discover what it takes
to craft your perfect
Goodlife coffee experience.

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