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Cold Brew Shot 6x Pack

17.5 CHF

6 cold brew shots for the price of 5!


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6-bottle pack

Kenya Peaberry

Notes: orange zest & chocolate

60 ml = Double shot espresso


Our Cold Brew Shot is a concentrated drink of cold brewed coffee. The list of ingredients is simple: Water from the Vaud glaciers and coffee, 100% Arabica. The particularity of Kenya Peaberry comes directly from the shape of the coffee bean which gives it its praline, chocolate and orange aromas.

A 60 ml shot but all sorts of ways to enjoy it :

Open it and drink it as a shot for maximum energy.

You can also dilute it with milk, hot or cold, depending on the desire or the season.

Otherwise, dilute it with water (hot or cold), for a longer cup.

Note : It is possible that the fat naturally contained in coffee may clot on the surface when kept in a cool place. So shake it well before drinking!