Barista Academy

The Goodlife Coffee Company believes that great coffee doesn’t just come from the product alone, but from the way it’s prepared, so we’ve established the Goodlife Coffee Academy for training barista’s to make consistently high quality coffee.


Situated in a renovated old farm warehouse in Switzerland, The Roastery is at the heart of what we do at the Goodlife Coffee Company. To learn more about what makes our coffee special, click below.

Mobile Events

Our Goodlife fleet of Mobile Coffee Vehicles are travelling daily to different fairs, events and markets in Switzerland.
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About Us

The Co-founders of the Goodlife brand have a passion for coffee and people, and aim to re-position the coffee culture in Switzerland.
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Coming Soon!
Our first café is opening soon, we’re in the process of adding the finishing touches.
Follow our progress below.

Welcome to The Goodlife

Here at the Goodlife Company, coffee is the heart of our brand. We love our coffee and want to share this experience with others. We take pride in every step of the process of nurturing our beans from soil to cup.

The Goodlife Near You!

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