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Training for home : Special Espresso

A bespoke coffee training experience with our in house roaster luca, certified barista and latte art lover, you can train on your own machines at our spacious atelier and barista academy in our Roastery in Savigny.

  • - Brief introduction to help you understand the origins of coffee and what we drink today.
  • - Overview of the process of roasting, from green coffee to roasted bean in your cup.
  • - We will cover home use of your espresso coffee maker.
  • 1. Learn how to extract the perfect dose of caffeine from your espresso machine, the base of all barista grade drinks! (tailored to your needs and previous knowledge)
  • 2. Develop your perfect milk foam making skills and learn how to pour the basic menu, to get working as a barista by next monday.

We will of course make time for your questions and anything you want to work on more in depth again at the end of the course.

4 hours
180.- for 1 or 2 persons, 360.- for a group of 3 or 4
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