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Specialty decaf

To drink caffeine or not to drink caffeine, the debate is wide and topical.

By Neville Baud - 8 June, 2022

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Numerous studies show several health benefits of caffeinated coffee on the general population when a certain amount of cups is respected. 


On the other hand, it has also been shown that we are not all genetically equal when it comes to our sensitivity to caffeine: some people will only feel the effects of caffeine after five cups, including some after dinner, while others will be very sensitive to it from the first- morning cup. 


There are also special health conditions that strongly advise against caffeine consumption at certain times of life, for example.


At Goodlife, we have understood these issues and requirements and have thought of the Coffee Lovers who like to finish their dinner with a good specialty coffee, who would like to drink a few extra cups during the day, or who simply need to avoid caffeine. 


We thought of you and wanted to offer you the same experience as our caffeinated specialty coffees!


To offer decaffeinated coffee, the commodity coffee industry sometimes uses low-quality coffee blends and fast chemical methods to extract the caffeine from these blends. This results in poorer coffee and can lead to the analogy: decaf coffee = bad coffee. 


Some people have even given up their passion for coffee because of this experience.


We think that it can and should be quite different and we have done it.


To achieve this, Antonin, our master roaster, works upstream on sourcing by selecting farmers and specialty coffee cooperatives that take the time to extract the caffeine from their green coffee on-site with exclusively natural methods (sugar cane or mountain water process). 


*Our Deca from Mexico (mountain water process)


Then, he works on a roasting profile tailored to each of these coffees deprived of their caffeine. As each of our coffees, we roast it every week in French-speaking Switzerland to offer a maximum freshness. 


The goal: To preserve an exceptional taste experience and not to be able to make a qualitative difference between a cup of Goodlife specialty coffee with and without caffeine. 


Today, we are proud to offer our community two exceptional tasting specialty coffees without caffeine: our Mexican "Deca" and our Colombian "Sumercé".